Full Charge Bookkeeping

For the Beginner, Intermediate 
& Advanced Bookkeeper !

Vocational Tech Course

Attention: Vocational / Technical Teachers (& Students), and Adult Continuing Education Teachers,

Unmatched content at an unbeatable price!
In fact, here's what our very first teacher has to say about our course,
"The problem with college accounting and bookkeeping classes is that they provide theory and test a student's ability to memorize and regurgitate facts, but don't prepare graduates to work independently and to know how to hit the ground running in a small business or to run their own bookkeeping business.

Mr. DeCandia's "Full Charge Bookkeeper" text provides the missing link - the bridge between traditional book/class knowledge and actual "Bookkeeper Street Smarts." Mr. DeCandia's book is packed with real-world tips on how to get started as a full charge bookkeeper, from setting up a filing system, and a master calendar of critical tasks and due dates, all the way through performing HR functions, payroll, and customer collections. Oh yes...and the mechanics of journalizing and posting. The online test is well designed and challenging and does not test on minutia.

Thank you for sharing your secrets of "Street Smarts" Bookkeeping. I am very grateful to have found your credentialing program. As a teacher, I had used a competitor's program for 3 years too many, disgruntled that there was only one other option on the market that was cost prohibitive. Your text book fits into my curricula beautifully, and your affordable certification exam is top notch. Your certified bookkeeper database is a fabulously affordable benefit for my students who use this to market their small business."
-Nancy M., Teacher, FCB Course, San Jose, CA 
We offer a one semester course, complete with:
1) Student Edition textbook/ manuals
2) Teacher's Edition:
  >Spiral Bound
  >Teacher's Outline
  >Test Bank of practice/Quiz Questions & Answers
3) On-line final exam - for Certification purposes:
      *Course Completion Certificate: 60% pass rate
*Certified Full Charge Bookkeeper: 70% pass rate    
4) Classroom support.
BASIC COURSE: $49/student, includes everything except #3 above.
CERTIFICATE COURSE: $75/student, includes everything above.

Another, even more cost effective, solution is our "Book Only" option.
Student Editions: $19.75 x number of students.

10-199 students: 1%,
200-299 students: 2%, up to a maximum 10% for 1000 students. 
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